RIU Hotels & Resorts recently completed the refurbishment of the historic Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin

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The historic Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin has been fully renovated by RIU Hotels & Resorts. With 404 completely renovated rooms featuring cutting-edge amenities, this opulent 4-star hotel offers the best of the Irish capital’s history and tradition.


The historic six-story building features eleven meeting and conference rooms, a fitness center, the Writer’s Lounge bar, and two restaurants: Toddy’s Restaurant, which is one of the hotel’s most well-known spaces because of its excellent location in one of the city’s most central areas and the local cuisine it serves. Breakfast is served at the Gallery.

Situated on one of the city’s primary thoroughfares, O’Connell Street, is the hotel. Owing to its prime location in the center of Dublin, many of the city’s attractions—including the River Liffey, which meanders through the city, Croke Park, Dublin Castle, the renowned Temple Bar, and the Henry Street retail district—can be reached on foot. It is also very close to the Dublin Convention Center and 20 minutes from the airport.

After acquiring the property in September 2016, the chain has progressively expanded the hotel’s lodging options and implemented a number of renovations and upgrades to offer additional services, sophistication, and elegance. The goal of the hotel’s most recent renovation was to add 16 new rooms and renovate almost all of the existing ones, for a total of 404 rooms.

The oldest property in the Majorcan chain is the Riu Plaza Gresham Dublin, which was originally constructed in the 19th century and dates back to 1817. In addition to being a highly significant facility for RIU because of its prime location, the building is also very significant to the Irish people. In fact, RIU chose to preserve the hotel’s name when it purchased the building as a sign of respect for the building’s long history and significance to the city and its residents. From an architectural perspective, The Gresham is a true architectural gem because it is a very complex structure with four wings that were constructed at various points in its more than 200-year history.

In addition, the well-known structure now only uses green electricity, which guarantees that all of the energy used in the hotel comes from renewable sources. This initiative is a result of the Sustainable Energy Transition Plan, which is intended to facilitate the transition to clean energy and is a component of RIU’s Proudly Committed Sustainability Strategy’s Environment Pillar.

The RIU Plaza city line, which began operations in Panama in 2010, has expanded to include hotels in all of the world’s major capital cities. In this line, the Majorcan chain currently operates ten hotels: the Riu Plaza Miami Beach, the Riu Plaza Berlin, the Riu Plaza London Victoria, and the recently renovated Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin. The hotels are located in the United States, and the hotels in Mexico are the Riu Plaza Panama, the Riu Plaza Guadalajara, the Riu Plaza España, which is housed in the renowned Edificio España building. The next two cities where RIU’s city hotels will open are Chicago and Toronto, and the third RIU Plaza location will open in New York.

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