Ravit Kumar Gangwar: Skillfully Handling the Hospitality Environment

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Ravit Kumar Gangwar: Skillfully Handling the Hospitality Environment

The career odyssey of Ravit Kumar Gangwar in the fast-paced hospitality industry is a testament to his tenacity, flexibility, and unwavering dedication to quality. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ravit has served as the interim duty manager. He has led the charge in overcoming adversity and using his experience to maintain operations and satisfy visitors.

Ravit was raised in the energetic city of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, and began his career in hospitality with a brief employment at a nearby call center. He initially developed his customer service abilities here, handling a variety of questions with ease and building a reputation for swiftly identifying and resolving issues. His rise in the industry was made possible by this formative experience.

Ravit’s path then took him to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, a thriving coastal city, where he started a new chapter at the MGM Beach Resort. As a front desk assistant, Ravit quickly adjusted to the hectic work atmosphere, handling room status updates with skill, handling guest complaints politely and efficiently, and promoting excellent departmental communication. His unwavering pursuit of excellence and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hospitality defined his tenure at MGM Beach Resort.

Building on his achievements, Ravit’s leadership ability was quickly recognized, which helped him advance into the position of front desk supervisor at Chennai’s Hotel Raj Park. In this role, he took on more responsibility, monitoring front desk staff performance, holding frequent meetings to guarantee alignment with company goals, and strictly enforcing credit and cash handling procedures. During his time at Hotel Raj Park, Ravit demonstrated his natural capacity to uplift and encourage groups, cultivating a professional and customer-focused atmosphere.

Ravit’s career path took him to his current position as Senior Front Office Supervisor and Reservation Executive at Hotel Abu Sarovar in Chennai, where he continues to advance. Ravit has many different responsibilities in this role, from managing budgets to supervising online travel agencies and channel managers to training and scheduling front office staff. His adeptness at navigating complex operational landscapes, coupled with his proficiency in hotel management software and IT applications, has been instrumental in driving efficiency and optimizing guest experiences.

In addition to his work endeavors, Ravit is a committed student who is working toward an Amrita University Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He continues to have a strong commitment to keeping up with developments in the field and is always looking for ways to further his career and personal development. Outside of work, Ravit takes comfort in his hobbies, which include reading up on current events, playing chess and carom with friends, and using social media for networking and personal development.

Ultimately, Ravit Kumar Gangwar’s path serves as evidence of the transformational potential of commitment, tenacity, and an unwavering quest for greatness. Equipped with an extensive skill set, a strong commitment to customer service, and an innovative vision, Ravit is well-positioned to leave a lasting mark on the dynamic hospitality sector.

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