Priyanka Rao was appointed head of human resources at The Den Bengaluru

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Priyanka Rao was appointed head of human resources at The Den Bengaluru

Priyanka Rao was named by Den Bengaluru as the new Head of Human Resources. Priyanka has worked in several prestigious hotels around the nation for more than 13 years.

Priyanka will lead all facets of HR operations, including organizational culture, employee relations, talent acquisition, and training and development, thanks to her inventiveness and leadership in the field of human resource management.

Prior to being employed by The Den Bengaluru, Priyanka was employed by the Orchid Group Hospitality. Along with many other well-known hotel endeavors, she has also been connected to Hyatt Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriott Hotels, and others. Priyanka has proven to have extraordinary problem-solving skills throughout her career and has played a key role in putting into practice HR strategies that are successful and in line with organizational objectives.

“I am honored to join The Den Bengaluru and look forward to contributing to the continued success and growth of this prestigious hotel,” Priyanka said in a statement regarding her appointment. Working with such a talented group of people and helping our staff provide our guests with outstanding service excites me.”

The Den’s general manager, Vinesh Gupta, commented on the appointment, saying, “We are pleased to have Priyanka Rao join our leadership team. She is the perfect choice to head our HR division as we continue to improve the guest experience and create a vibrant, diverse workplace because of her vast experience in the upscale hospitality industry and dedication to excellence.”

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