How to make Grapefruit Punch

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Grapefruit Punch

Grapefruit Punch : yelling for something cool to sip? Then give this delicious grapefruit punch, created with sprite, fresh grapefruit juice, sugar, mint, and lemon, a taste of summer. This beverage can be quickly prepared and is a great option to serve at brunch gatherings.



1cupgrapefruit juice



Lemon slices as required

0 grapefruit as required

0 minute leaves as required

How to Prepare Grapefruit Punch

First Step

Juice from fresh grapefruits should be extracted and some grapefruit slices saved for garnish.

Step Two

Then, take a glass jar and fill it with grapefruit and lemon slices, sugar, and mint leaves. Muddle this well.

Step Three

Add some Sprite and salt to it, then thoroughly mix. After adding the ice cubes, serve cold.

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