How to make Amrakhand

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Amrakhand :- This traditional Gujarati dessert is made by mixing sugar, mango pulp, strained hung curd, and a dash of cardamom powder for taste. After chilling, the mixture is served cold and topped with chopped almond or pistachio nuts. The delicious combination of creamy yoghurt and tart mango in Gujarati Amrakhand makes for a cool and decadent dessert. Before the mango season ends, savor these desserts.



1tablespoonyoghurt (curd)

1teaspoongreen cardamom



500mlfull cream milk


How to prepare Amrakhand

First Step

250 grams of sugar should be added to half a litre of boiling milk. Let it boil constantly until the color turns darker and the amount decreases.

Step Two

Now take this off the burner and let it cool. Add a teaspoon of the thick curd, stir thoroughly, and set aside. Once it starts to curdle, hang it in muslin cloth and allow the water to drain completely. This hung curd is useful.

Step Three

After the hung curd is prepared, combine the cardamom powder, hung curd, and mangos. Put the mixture in the fridge for one hour.

Step Four

Amrakhand is chilled and ready to go. Transfer to a serving platter and top with chopped almonds and a few strands of saffron.

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