Amar Nath has been appointed by Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited as the resort manager

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Amar Nath has been appointed by Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited as the resort manager

Amar Nath reaches a major career turning point when he accepts a new position at Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited as Resort Manager. He comes to his new role with a wealth of hospitality industry experience, a diverse skill set, and a successful track record.

Amar worked as the Food and Beverage Manager at Anantara Hotels, Resorts, and Spas in the United Arab Emirates before being hired by Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited. Here, among other crucial competencies, he showcased his mastery of decision-making, administration, inventory control, and operations management. His work as the Food and Beverage Manager at the Royal Tulip Muscat in Oman allowed him to further develop his skills in pre-opening operations, hospitality management, and revenue analysis.

Throughout his career, Amar has held prominent positions in the hospitality industry, including Assistant Director of Food & Beverage and Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at InterContinental Hotels Group, where he oversaw cross-functional teams and led initiatives for process improvement. He has also held positions in guest service management at Alshaya Group in Doha and Dubai, where he demonstrated proficiency in providing outstanding guest experiences and boosting revenue.

Amar laid the groundwork for his successful career trajectory as a Guest Services Associate at Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris in Bengaluru, where he started his career in the hospitality sector. His academic background is further enhanced by his Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration from the Institute of Hotel Management, which completes the theoretical picture of his practical experience.

At Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, Amar Nath is well-positioned to drive success and improve the guest experience thanks to his broad skill set, demonstrated leadership abilities, and dedication to excellence. His appointment is proof of his ongoing development and value to the hospitality sector.

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