Alam Qureshi: A Culinary Journey of Excellence

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Alam Qureshi: An Exquisite Culinary Adventure


Early Life and Foundations

Alam Qureshi was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, on January 29, 1981, and his destiny was to become a chef. Inspired by his late father, the renowned chef Kallan Qureshi, Alam grew up in a vibrant household bursting with aromas and tastes. From a young age, he was immersed in the culinary arts, helping out in the kitchen and learning the subtleties of traditional Indian cooking. Despite the fact that his official education ended in the eighth grade, Alam’s passion of cooking and desire to succeed in the hospitality industry drove him on his journey to become a master chef.

The Early Steps: From Family Kitchen to International Experience

Alam began his professional culinary career in 2001 at his family’s establishment, Mama Biryani, in Lucknow’s Sadar Bazar. The eatery, well-known for its genuine biryanis, served as Alam’s training ground. He gained a solid work ethic, learned the foundations of cooking, and realized the value of consistency and flavor over the course of five years.

In an attempt to widen his perspectives, Alam relocated to Saudi Arabia in 2007 in order to work at Alkhaima Restaurant. He fell in love with Middle Eastern cooking as a Commi-1, picking up new skills and ingredients that would eventually shape his cooking philosophy. His grasp of international flavors and hospitality norms was greatly influenced by this international experience.

Climbing the Ranks: Building Expertise in India

After moving back to India in 2009, Alam started working as a Commi-1 at Blue Water Restaurant in Mumbai. During his time there, he developed his talents even more and became acquainted with Mumbai’s vibrant food scene. He took advantage of the chance to work at the renowned Degustibus Branch Indigo Moveable Feast in 2011, which was renowned for its avant-garde dining philosophy. Alam’s knowledge and inventiveness were enhanced by working with some of the best chefs in this role.

Alam worked as a Demi Chef de Partie (DCDP) at the Kingdom of Dreams Restaurant in Gurgaon from 2011 to 2014 after receiving a promotion due to his exceptional skills and dedication. Significant duties assigned to him included overseeing the kitchen crew, upholding the highest culinary standards, and guaranteeing client satisfaction. Alam’s leadership and adaptability were both obvious, and his efforts were crucial to the restaurant’s success.

Establishing Leadership: Chef de Partie and Beyond

Alam’s career took a number of steps forward between 2015 and 2021 when he accepted Chef de Partie (CDP) positions at a number of prestigious hotels and resorts:

During his tenure at Country Inns & Suites Gurgaon (2015–2016), Alam demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding the highest standards of food quality and kitchen hygiene.
The Palms Town & Country Club (2017-2018): His innovative menu planning and efficient kitchen management contributed to the club’s reputation for excellence.
Hotel Cygnett Park Di-Arch (2018–2020): Alam’s expertise in team management and his ability to introduce new culinary concepts were key to his success.
Courtyard Marriott Surat (2020–2021): As a CDP, Alam played a crucial role in elevating the hotel’s dining experience by consistently delivering exceptional dishes and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Reaching New Heights: Hyatt Regency Lucknow

Alam began working at the Hyatt Regency Lucknow in 2020 as a CDP and advanced fast, becoming the Jr. Sous Chef by 2021. His leadership in menu development, team management, and upholding high culinary standards characterized his tenure at the Hyatt Regency. His creative thinking and capacity to adjust to shifting gastronomic fads greatly enhanced the hotel’s upscale dining standing.

Master Chef: Fortune Park Lake City

Alam reached a major career milestone in 2023 when he was appointed Master Chef at Fortune Park LakeCity in Thane, Mumbai. He continues to innovate and inspire in this esteemed position, using his wealth of experience to craft remarkable dining experiences. His standing as a master chef in the field has been cemented by his inventiveness, leadership, and commitment to fine dining.

Skills and expertise

Alam Qureshi is well known for his careful menu planning, superb team leadership, and ability to engage with customers to create unique dining experiences. His abilities go well beyond the kitchen; he is also skilled in guest relations, team building, and upholding strict standards for food safety and cleanliness. Speaking Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu with ease, Alam’s multi-cultural background helps him engage with a wide range of clients and introduce them to new tastes in food.

Personal Life

Alam Qureshi is a married father of three who is ardently committed to his Muslim faith. He still lives in Lucknow, where he maintains ties to his ancestry and roots. Alam appreciates the value of community and family despite leading a busy professional life. He frequently takes part in local food events and donates to charitable causes.


Alam Qureshi has 26 years of experience in the culinary arts, and his rise from a family-run restaurant to Master Chef at a prestigious hotel is a credit to his perseverance, commitment, and love of the craft. His tale serves as motivation for budding chefs and a brilliant illustration of what can be accomplished with tenacity and a passion for one’s work. Alam will continue to have a significant influence on the culinary industry because of his dedication to quality, lifelong learning, and innovation.



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