Zika Virus Cases Reported in Pune: Two Pregnant Women Among Infected

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Health officials in Pune have confirmed six cases of Zika virus infection, raising concerns among residents and authorities. Among those infected are two pregnant women, both reported to be in stable condition and showing no symptoms.

According to reports, a 28-year-old pregnant woman from Erandwane tested positive for Zika virus last Friday. Another woman, who is currently 12 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with the infection on Monday. Both cases have prompted heightened surveillance and precautionary measures by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

“The first case of Zika virus infection was reported from Erandwane in a 46-year-old doctor, followed by his 15-year-old daughter testing positive,” stated health officials. Additionally, two other cases were confirmed in Mundhwa, involving a 47-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man.

Dr. Kalpana Baliwant, health officer for the Pune Municipal Corporation, emphasized the importance of mosquito control measures. “We are conducting extensive fogging and fumigation to curb mosquito breeding,” she affirmed.

Zika virus, transmitted primarily through the bites of infected Aedes mosquitoes, poses particular risks to pregnant women. It can lead to microcephaly in infants, a condition characterized by abnormally small heads due to incomplete brain development.

Local authorities have urged residents to take precautions against mosquito bites and to seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms such as fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis.

The Pune Municipal Corporation continues to monitor the situation closely, with ongoing efforts to contain the spread of Zika virus in affected areas.

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