The Journey of Indian Football: Why India is Not in FIFA

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The Journey of Indian Football: Why India is Not in FIFA


 The Journey of Indian Football: Why India is Not in FIFAThe journey of indian football: why india is not in fifa

India FIFA absence reason

The Journey of Indian Football: Why India is Not in FIFA


India, a nation known for its passion for cricket, has a lesser-known but growing love for football. While it has made strides in recent years, you might wonder why India hasn’t made it to the FIFA World Cup. In this article, we will delve into the historical, cultural, and infrastructural aspects that have kept India from becoming a FIFA powerhouse.


Historical Background

India’s absence from FIFA tournaments dates back to 1950 when they withdrew from the World Cup. The reason? A controversy surrounding footwear – Indian players wanted to play barefoot. This seemingly small incident set the tone for India’s relationship with FIFA.


Cricket Dominance

Cricket has always been India’s sport of choice. The immense popularity of cricket has diverted resources and attention away from football. The influence of cricket in the Indian sports landscape cannot be overstated, and this focus has hindered the development of football.


Infrastructure Challenges

Building world-class football infrastructure is a daunting task. While India has made progress in recent years, the country still lacks the necessary number of stadiums, training facilities, and academies required to nurture football talent.


Development Initiatives

To compete on the global stage, India needs to invest in grassroots development, coaching, and youth programs. Initiatives like the Indian Super League (ISL) have helped bring attention to the sport, but more consistent and widespread efforts are required.


Competition in Asia

Asia is home to some of the world’s top footballing nations like Japan, South Korea, and Australia. India faces stiff competition within its own continent, making it challenging to qualify for FIFA World Cup and other major tournaments.

The journey of indian football: why india is not in fifa
The journey of indian football: why india is not in fifa

Recent Progress

In recent years, India’s football scene has shown signs of improvement. The national team has climbed in the FIFA rankings, and young talents are emerging from grassroots programs. Investments from corporate entities have injected much-needed funds into the sport.



In conclusion, India’s absence from FIFA is the result of a complex interplay of historical factors, cricket’s dominance, infrastructure challenges, the need for development initiatives, and stiff competition in Asia. While India has a long way to go, it is making strides in the right direction. With continued investment, development, and a growing fan base, the day may not be too far when we see the Indian national football team make its mark on the FIFA World Cup stage.


In this article, we’ve explored the various factors that have contributed to India’s absence from FIFA tournaments and highlighted the positive developments in Indian football. While challenges remain, the future looks promising for the beautiful game in India.

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