Vikram Misri Appointed as New Foreign Secretary of India

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India’s New Foreign Secretary to Be Named Vikram Misri

The Government of India has announced the appointment of Deputy National Security Advisor Vikram Misri as the new Foreign Secretary, effective July 15, 2024. This significant appointment was confirmed by the Personnel Ministry on June 28, marking an important transition in India’s foreign affairs leadership. Mr. Misri will succeed the current Foreign Secretary, Vinay Mohan Kwatra.

Vikram Misri, a distinguished officer of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) from the 1989 batch, brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in India-China relations. Known for his strategic insights and diplomatic acumen, Mr. Misri has previously served as India’s ambassador to China from 2019 to 2021. His tenure in Beijing was marked by his involvement in crucial backroom negotiations during the 2020 Galwan Valley crisis, a critical period in India-China relations.

Throughout his illustrious diplomatic career, Mr. Misri has held several prominent positions. He served as the Indian ambassador to Myanmar from 2016 to 2018, a period during which the Rohingya crisis in the Rakhine province was a significant international issue. His other notable foreign postings include assignments in Pakistan, the United States, Belgium, and Spain, where he played vital roles in strengthening India’s diplomatic ties and addressing international challenges.

With his extensive background in dealing with China, Mr. Misri is expected to bring a focused approach to managing the ongoing tensions between Delhi and Beijing. His deep understanding of geopolitical dynamics and his experience in crisis negotiations are anticipated to be valuable assets as he steps into his new role as Foreign Secretary.

The appointment of Vikram Misri as the Foreign Secretary comes at a crucial time for India’s foreign policy, especially in the context of its relationship with China. As he prepares to take charge on July 15, the diplomatic community and the nation will look forward to his leadership in navigating the complex global landscape and furthering India’s strategic interests on the international stage.

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