Vice-President Sara Duterte Resigns, Signaling Political Rift with President Marcos Jr.

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Vice-President Sara Duterte Resigns, Signaling Political Rift with President Marcos Jr.

Manila, Philippines — June 19, 2024
In a significant development shaking Philippine politics, Vice-President Sara Duterte has resigned from her dual roles as Education Minister and Vice-Chair of an anti-insurgency task force. This decision marks a decisive rupture in her alliance with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., effectively reshaping the political landscape in the Southeast Asian nation.

President Marcos promptly accepted Duterte’s resignation, expressing gratitude for her service while refraining from specifying any grounds for her departure. In contrast, Duterte herself emphasized that her resignation was driven by genuine concerns for the welfare of teachers and the youth, underscoring her decision as an act of strength rather than weakness.

The Duterte-Marcos alliance, forged during the 2022 elections where Sara Duterte ran as Marcos’ vice-presidential candidate, was perceived as a formidable force consolidating support from their respective political bases. This partnership was seen as pivotal in Marcos’ political comeback, given the Duterte family’s widespread popularity and influence.

However, fissures within the alliance began to surface earlier this year following public criticisms from Sara Duterte’s father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, who accused President Marcos of involvement in drug-related activities. Moreover, Sara Duterte’s son, the current mayor of Davao City, echoed these sentiments, calling for Marcos’ resignation. These events set the stage for a rapid deterioration in the Duterte-Marcos alliance.

Jean Encinas-Franco, a respected political science professor at the University of the Philippines, described Sara Duterte’s resignation as a long-anticipated turning point in Philippine politics. Analysts had predicted strains within the coalition, yet the swiftness of its unraveling has caught many by surprise, indicating deeper rifts and power struggles within the ruling circles.

The implications of Sara Duterte’s resignation are far-reaching. It not only casts doubts on the stability of President Marcos’ administration but also sets the stage for a potential realignment of political alliances ahead of future elections. Duterte’s departure from her cabinet posts is likely to provoke speculation about her next political moves and influence the strategies of other political figures positioning themselves for leadership roles.

As the Philippines navigates these turbulent political waters, the resignation of Vice-President Sara Duterte serves as a critical juncture, prompting intense scrutiny and reshaping the dynamics of power in the country’s political landscape.

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