Thierry Motsch, Chef, Joins Sofitel Dubai’s Brasserie Boulud The obelisk

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Thierry Motsch : 

Boulud Brasserie at Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk is pleased to present Chef Thierry Motsch as its new Chef de Cuisine.

With over 16 years of experience under the tutelage of culinary giants such as Alain Ducasse and Joël Robuchon and a prestigious background steeped in French culinary tradition, Chef Thierry is poised to elevate the gastronomic experience at the award-winning Brasserie Boulud.

The path that Chef Thierry has taken in the food industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He has worked in the kitchens of Michelin-starred establishments such as the well-known Restaurant 114 Faubourg, Le Meurice Restaurant, Restaurant Le Louis XV, and l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. He has received rigorous training in traditional French cooking methods. Over his illustrious career, his passion for excellence and unwavering pursuit of culinary mastery have been evident.

Chef Thierry’s global culinary exploration took him to various culinary destinations outside of France. From his position as Specialty Head Chef at Raffles Doha to his position as Chef-cuisinier at PONANT, Chef Thierry has accumulated invaluable experience that has expanded his skill set with a wide range of flavors and methods. His time as Chef de Cuisine demonstrates his aptitude for leadership and cooking, laying the groundwork for his most recent project at Brasserie Boulud in Dubai.

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Beyond the kitchen, Chef Thierry’s voracious appetite for exploration knows no bounds. His time spent as the head chef on cruise ships expanded his culinary knowledge and gave him a deep appreciation for team dynamics and the value of creating a positive work atmosphere. Chef Thierry’s culinary philosophy is based on the belief that every cultural influence adds a distinct flavor to the culinary tapestry, and he embraces diversity in all its forms.

With his appointment as Chef de Cuisine at Brasserie Boulud, Chef Thierry is ready to usher in a new era of culinary brilliance in Dubai. In addition to wowing guests with his superb French-inspired cuisine, his goal is to take them on a culinary tour through the Middle East and uncover its rich culinary legacy. Chef Thierry epitomizes culinary creativity and innovation with his unwavering dedication to lifelong learning and development.

Come celebrate with us as we officially welcome Chef Thierry Motsch to the Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk, where he will be leading Brasserie Boulud. May he leave behind a legacy of inventiveness, culinary mastery, and a love of fine dining. Here’s to a new era of epicurean experiences in the heart of Dubai!

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