The Imperial New Delhi Celebrates Ms. Supreet Bakshi’s Prestigious Les Clefs d’Or GOLDEN KEYS Award

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The Imperial New Delhi Celebrates Ms. Supreet Bakshi’s Prestigious Les Clefs d’Or GOLDEN KEYS Award

New Delhi, June 12, 2024: The Imperial New Delhi is proud to announce that our esteemed Head Concierge, Ms. Supreet Bakshi, has been awarded the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or GOLDEN KEYS. This coveted recognition is a testament to her exceptional dedication, unparalleled services, and the magic she brings to every guest experience at our iconic Grand Dame.

Ms. Bakshi’s achievement is not only a personal milestone but also a significant honor for The Imperial New Delhi. She is now among an elite group of only eight Lady Les Clefs d’Or in India and joins approximately 4000 members of this esteemed organization working in over 80 countries and 530 destinations worldwide.

Les Clefs d’Or, or the Golden Keys, is a professional association of hotel concierges that sets the highest standards for service and hospitality. Being awarded the GOLDEN KEYS signifies that Ms. Bakshi has demonstrated an extraordinary level of expertise, commitment, and passion in her role.

“We are incredibly proud of Ms. Supreet Bakshi for achieving this phenomenal milestone,” said [Name], General Manager of The Imperial New Delhi. “Her dedication and exceptional service have always been a cornerstone of the unforgettable experiences we offer our guests. This recognition by Les Clefs d’Or further solidifies her status as one of the best in the hospitality industry.”

Ms. Bakshi’s journey with The Imperial New Delhi has been marked by her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to go above and beyond in fulfilling the needs and desires of our guests. Her expertise, warmth, and personalized approach have garnered widespread appreciation and loyalty from guests worldwide.

Join us in celebrating Ms. Supreet Bakshi’s remarkable achievement and her contributions to making The Imperial New Delhi a beacon of exceptional hospitality.

About The Imperial New Delhi The Imperial New Delhi, an iconic hotel located in the heart of India’s capital, is known for its rich heritage, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional service. With its timeless elegance and modern amenities, The Imperial offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary comfort.

Les Clefs d’Or is a global network of professional hotel concierges committed to achieving excellence in service and hospitality. The organization aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among its members to continually improve the quality of concierge services worldwide.

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