Subir Dutta: A Journey in Hospitality Management

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Subir Dutta: A Journey in Hospitality Management



Subir Dutta’s career in hospitality management is marked by a profound commitment to excellence and an unyielding drive for professional growth. Born and raised in Suri, West Bengal, Subir embarked on his career journey with a clear vision: to gain international cultural exposure and hands-on experience in the field of hospitality management.


Early Life and Education


Subir’s educational foundation was laid at C.M.M High School, where he completed his secondary and higher secondary education with commendable results. His passion for the hospitality industry led him to the School of India Hotel Management, where he earned a three-year diploma in hotel management in 2008. This formal education provided Subir with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the hospitality sector.


Early Career


Subir’s professional journey began with industry training at renowned establishments like ITC Sonar Bangla and Hotel Kenilworth in Kolkata. These initial experiences were instrumental in shaping his understanding of the industry’s intricacies. He then took up a role as a waiter at Hotel Sayaji in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where he honed his skills in guest services and banqueting.


Advancing in the Industry


Subir’s dedication and skills soon saw him advancing to a senior waiter position with Ambuja Realty Group in Kolkata. Here, he was responsible for ensuring member satisfaction, managing assigned sections of the outlet, and handling various functions and events. His ability to manage daily requisitions and inventory efficiently marked him as a reliable and competent professional.


Rising Through the Ranks


In December 2012, Subir joined Camellia Group, a luxurious resort in Kolkata, as an F&B Captain. Over the next few years, he progressed through various roles within the organization, including Banquet Manager and Operation Manager. In these roles, Subir demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills, managing daily operations, supervising staff, and ensuring adherence to operational standards and policies. He played a crucial role in training and guiding staff, maintaining quality standards, and implementing effective operational practices.


Leadership Roles


Subir’s leadership abilities were further recognized when he joined Maha Bodhi Resort Convention Center in Gaya as the Deputy Operation Manager. His responsibilities included managing daily operations, accounting, and financial matters, supervising staff, and addressing operational and financial issues. His proactive approach to training staff and implementing high-quality food and drink preparation processes contributed significantly to the resort’s success.


International Experience


Subir’s aspiration for international exposure was fulfilled when he took on the role of F&B Supervisor at JW Marriott, Doha, Qatar, during the FIFA World Cup. This experience provided him with invaluable insights into international hospitality standards and practices. He continued to showcase his expertise by managing operations at La Artisan Bistro, a continental bistro promoted by Gourmet Venture Kolkata.


Recent Endeavors


Subir’s most recent positions include Manager Operation at Camellia Group and Operation Manager at The Citi Residency Group of Hotels in Durgapur. In these roles, he continued to demonstrate his ability to manage complex operations, supervise staff, ensure compliance with established procedures, and maintain high standards of service and quality.


Skills and Interests


Throughout his career, Subir has developed a wide range of skills, including team building, problem-solving, decision-making, guest satisfaction, and banquet sales. His interests outside of work include making friends, gardening, and drawing, reflecting his multifaceted personality.


Personal Details


Languages.      : Bengali (mother tongue),             English.

, Hindi,

Elementary French

Driving licence  : Yes

Passport             : M9143355




Subir Dutta’s career trajectory is a testament to his dedication, skill, and passion for the hospitality industry. His journey from a waiter to a seasoned hospitality manager with international international experience underscores his commitment to excellence and continuous professional development. Subir’s story is one of hard work, perseverance, and an unwavering pursuit of his goals in the dynamic world of hospitality management.

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