Samreen Khan Appointed as Cluster EAM-HR at NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN: A New Chapter in Hospitality HR

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Samreen Khan Appointed as Cluster Executive Assistant Manager-Human Resources at NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN

Samreen Khan has embarked on a new professional journey, joining the NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN as the Cluster Executive Assistant Manager-Human Resources (EAM-HR). With this role, Samreen will be overseeing human resources operations across multiple properties within the group, bringing her extensive experience and expertise to the fore.

Professional Background

Samreen Khan, with an extensive background in the hospitality sector, is a seasoned HR specialist. Her professional history is characterized by a long list of accomplishments and a major impact on the HR departments of the companies she has worked for. Prior to joining NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN, she held several key positions where she demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic HR management skills.

Role and Responsibilities

In her new role as Cluster Executive Assistant Manager-Human Resources, Samreen will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing HR operations across multiple hotel properties within the Nordic Group in Bahrain.
  • Implementing strategic HR initiatives to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Driving talent acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Ensuring compliance with local labor laws and company policies.
  • Fostering a positive workplace culture that aligns with the group’s values and goals.

Vision and Goals

Samreen is excited about this new chapter and is looking forward to making a substantial impact on the HR functions of the NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN. She aims to leverage her experience to drive innovative HR practices that support the group’s vision of excellence in hospitality. Her focus will be on enhancing employee experiences, optimizing HR processes, and contributing to the overall growth and success of the organization.


NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN is renowned for its commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences. The group operates several hotels in Bahrain, each known for its luxurious accommodations and superior guest services. By bringing on board experienced professionals like Samreen Khan, the group continues to strengthen its team, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the hospitality industry in the region.

Learn more about NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN’s commitment to excellence.”

With her extensive background and dedication to human resources excellence, Samreen Khan is poised to make significant contributions to the NORDIC GROUP OF HOTELS-BAHRAIN. The hospitality community eagerly anticipates the positive changes and advancements she will bring to her new role.

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