Riot Fest Announces Departure from Douglass Park, Criticizes Chicago Park District

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In a recent statement, Riot Fest organizers announced that the festival will no longer be held in Douglass Park, Chicago, citing the Chicago Park District’s “lack of care for the community” as the primary reason for their departure. This decision marks the end of an era for the festival, which has been a staple in Douglass Park since 2015.

The announcement was made via a video message posted to Riot Fest’s social media on Tuesday night. In the message, set against a backdrop of a leather couch and a framed picture of the word “OZ,” festival co-founder Mike Petryshyn expressed his frustration with the Chicago Park District. “Riot Fest will be leaving Douglass Park,” the message read. “And—allow me to be as clear as the azure sky of the deepest summer—our exodus is solely because of the Chicago Park District. Their lack of care for the community, you and us, ultimately left us no choice.”

Petryshyn’s statement highlighted the strained relationship between the festival and the park district, criticizing the latter’s handling of negotiations and accusing them of using the festival to mask their own shortcomings. “I was tired of playing their games,” he said. “I was tired of watching something I love be continually used to deflect away from their own internal deficits.”

Despite the departure from Douglass Park, Riot Fest organizers assured fans that the festival will continue. They announced that details about the new venue and the lineup for the 2024 festival, scheduled for September 20–22, along with information about a new event called “RiotLand,” will be revealed starting Wednesday at 10 a.m.

The departure of Riot Fest from Douglass Park is a significant development for both the festival and the local community. As organizers seek a new home for the beloved event, fans and community members alike will be watching closely to see where the festival lands next.

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