Restaurateur Prajwal Lokesh Expands Culinary Horizons with Innovative Ventures

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Prajwal Lokesh, Managing Director of Lokesh Hospitality, has been a notable figure in Bengaluru’s food and beverage industry. His portfolio includes some of the city’s iconic establishments: Chin Lung Resto Bar, Kalinga Bar, Native Bar & Seafood, Pizza Brew House, and Bumblebee Brew Works.

“It all started with my father, and I entered the business eight years ago,” Lokesh shared. “We own some iconic bars of Bengaluru, starting with Chin Lung Resto Bar, which he purchased 25 years ago. Kalinga, which had ceased to exist, was brought back to life three years ago. Bumblebee Brew Works is our most recent acquisition.”

Lokesh’s journey in the hospitality industry is deeply rooted in family tradition and a passion for reviving and innovating culinary spaces. The Lokesh Hospitality group has also expanded into the hotel sector with several three-star properties.

The Birth of Ruby Red Hospitality and Sozo Skyline

In collaboration with partners Yuvaraja HS, Naveen Gowda, and Shivshankar, Lokesh co-founded Ruby Red Hospitality. Their flagship brand, Sozo Skyline, marks a new chapter in their entrepreneurial journey.

“We found a property that we just fell instantly in love with—located on Kasturba Road with a view of Cubbon Park,” Lokesh explained. “We felt that something like this was missing in Bengaluru. The decision to offer pan-Asian cuisine came naturally, as Bangaloreans are very experimental. Despite the influx of various cuisines, the local palate is most suited to pan-Asian flavors.”

Sozo Skyline’s menu features popular dishes from different regions, designed to make the ordering process easy for even new customers. “Since this is a new brand, we want to focus on building a loyal customer base and avoid common mistakes that new restaurants make,” Lokesh emphasized. “We are tweaking our product and looking forward to opening more outlets in different parts of the city.”

Vision for Bengaluru

Lokesh believes in the immense potential that Bengaluru holds for the F&B industry. “Bengaluru is a very large city with a lot of opportunities. It’s a city we are familiar with, and we would ideally love to stay within the city and open as many restaurants here as possible,” he said.

As Lokesh Hospitality and Ruby Red Hospitality continue to grow, Prajwal Lokesh’s commitment to innovation and quality remains unwavering, promising exciting culinary experiences for the people of Bengaluru.

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