How to make Red Amaranth Beetroot Fillo

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Red Amaranth Beetroot Fillo: Are you craving something sweet and crunchy to go with a hot cup of tea or coffee? Here’s a chef’s special: crispy fillo sheets baked to perfection encase a perfect blend of taste and texture: red amaranth & beetroot fillo. Additionally, this fusion recipe is a delectable combination of baked flaky pastry filled with a mixture of feta, halloumi, ricotta, and red amaranth; it is served with a smoked fig chutney made with tamarind. So, try this recipe and enjoy a hearty twist to your evenings!


20filo pastry


10mlrefined oil

1teaspoonblack pepper



60gmcheese- feta

30gmricotta cheese

30gmhalloumi cheese




1teaspoonblack salt

1teaspoonginger powder


1teaspoonpaprika powder

salt as required

1/2poundsfennel seeds

1bay leaf

1 tablespoon kashmiri red chilli

10mlrefined oil

50gmblack olives


How to Prepare Beetroot and Red Amaranth Fillo

First Step

To start this simple recipe, grate and roast the beetroot, then combine it with the chopped amaranthus leaves, crushed black pepper, and sautéed garlic. Let it rest for a bit.

Step Two

Add the yellow cheddar, ricotta, and feta now.

Step Three

Spread three layers of the same melted butter over the fillo sheet.

Step Four

Slice it into six equal pieces, then top the fillo with the filling. Form triangle pouches by rolling.

Step Five

Bake it for 3–4 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius, then for 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Step Six

Break up the jaggery, mix in the warm tamarind juice, add the remaining dry spices, and temper it slightly in a shallow pan with oil. Finally, add the chopped figs.

Step Seven

Stir everything together and bring to a boil. Serve cold alongside freshly baked fillo.

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