Oracle Hospitality Integrates Cutting-Edge AI in Hotel Tech with Opera Cloud Central

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When it comes to incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies into its hotel technology products, Oracle Hospitality is making great progress. Oracle Hospitality’s Vice President of Strategy and Solutions Management, Laura Calin, discussed the company’s goals with Skift in an interview conducted at the Hitec hotel tech conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Constant Integration with AI

Every product release from Oracle Hospitality will include AI enhancements. “We are going to have new things with every release,” Calin emphasized. The AI innovations will be made available via Opera Cloud Central, the multi-system hotel technology platform that was introduced last year and builds upon the Opera Cloud property management system that was first introduced five years prior.

Opera Cloud Central is a major upgrade, as Oracle Hospitality moved 40,000 properties from outdated systems to this cloud-based platform. Red Sea Global in Saudi Arabia, Thon Hotels in Norway, and Scandic Hotels Group are a few of the notable clients.

Eagerly Pending AI Maturity

Calin outlined the methodical approach to integrating AI, emphasizing the value of cost-effectiveness, scalability, security, and data readiness. “As it is artificial intelligence, we are patiently waiting until they bake it correctly. Indeed, one can discuss the use cases and the beautiful flowers that will accompany it, but the foundation of everything lies in the data,” the speaker said.

While AI is all the rage right now, Oracle is more concerned with large-scale, secure applications. “I believe there will be a lot of developments once it is mature, scalable, cost-effective, and has strong security,” Calin continued.

Novel Method for Technological Development

The development process of Oracle Hospitality is complex, involving internal innovation projects, universities, and Oracle Labs. Every year, internal teams are challenged by the Innovation Fest to create solutions based on input from customers; the best ideas are then expedited into production. This year, Calin said, “we could not decide just three, so I think about ten went into the roadmap.”

Hotel Technology’s Growing Market

Apart from Opera Cloud Central, Oracle Hospitality facilitates an online marketplace comprising of independent technology vendors providing an array of services, including electronic tipping and housekeeping solutions. Currently, 500 partners are part of the program; another 1,000 are being developed. “We can support startups, which is nice. I like that we support innovation,” Calin remarked, emphasizing that startups have free access to tools, APIs, and a customer base.

Strong, scalable, and creative solutions for its clients are guaranteed by Oracle Hospitality’s methodical and strategic approach to AI integration, which is expected to revolutionize the hotel tech sector.

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