Manjusha Anand: Paving the Way in the Hospitality World

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Manjusha Anand: Paving the Way in the Hospitality World

A Passion for Excellence

In the fast and ever-changing world of hotels and hospitality, some folks really stand out because they’re super dedicated to doing a great job and making things better. Manjusha Anand, a pro in the field, is one of these standout individuals. Her journey in the hotel business is a story of hard work, a love for keeping things clean, and always putting the guests first.


The Early Years

Manjusha’s adventure in the world of hotels started with a solid education. She got her degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from Mumbai University. This was the first step that set her on a path full of success and achievements.


Getting Started: Taj President Mumbai

Manjusha’s career began at Taj President Mumbai. She started as a Housekeeping Coordinator as part of the Management Operational Trainee Program. This is where she first showed how much she cares about doing a great job and making sure everything is clean and perfect. It was just the beginning of her awesome journey.


Moving Up: Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Manjusha kept moving forward and became a Housekeeping Team Leader at Hyatt Regency Mumbai. She not only managed her team really well but also achieved a great goal of having zero losses in just two months. This showed she’s a fantastic leader.


International Experience: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi UAE

Manjusha didn’t stop there. She went to work in the United Arab Emirates as an Assistant Manager-Housekeeping at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi UAE. Here, she made sure that the rooms and public areas were top-notch. She also helped guests enjoy the minibar options.


Tech Whiz: Sutherland Global Services

Manjusha’s career took an interesting turn when she worked as a Technical Consultant for ATT services at Sutherland Global Services. She got really good at fixing problems with ATT services and making package offers that people liked. This showed she’s versatile and can do many things in the hotel world.


A Big Role: Vivanta by Taj President Mumbai

Manjusha’s career hit new heights when she became Deputy Housekeeper at Vivanta by Taj President Mumbai. She played a key role in keeping the rooms and public areas clean and in top shape. She was really good at getting supplies and selling things like bath and bed linen and minibar items. She even got guests to buy therapy pillows, with a 100% success rate in just one month!


Hotel Marine Plaza Mumbai: Raising the Bar

Manjusha’s journey continued as the Executive Housekeeper at Hotel Marine Plaza Mumbai. She led the housekeeping team and made sure things were super clean. She also encouraged guests to buy things like bath and bed linen and minibar items. She trained her team really well, showing she’s a great leader.


Today: Della Adventure Hotel and Resorts

Now, Manjusha is the boss as the Executive Housekeeper at Della Adventure Hotel and Resorts. She looks after housekeeping for lots of rooms and public areas. She’s in charge of a big team with over 300 staff, including 7 Housekeeping Managers.


Education and Certification

Manjusha didn’t stop learning. She got certified as a trainer for diversity and inclusion and gender sensitization. She also got a diploma in Human Resources. This shows she’s really dedicated to getting better at her job.


Outside of Work: A Well-Rounded Person

Outside of her job, Manjusha is a person with many interests. She likes watching exciting shows and investigating mysteries. She’s a big fan of novels and enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge. She’s also creative and likes to draw and sketch.


A Pioneer in Hospitality

Manjusha anand
Manjusha anand

In a nutshell, Manjusha Anand’s journey in the hotel industry is a story of hard work, versatility, and never giving up on excellence. She’s known for keeping things really clean and making sure guests have a great time. As she continues to do great work in the hotel world, her story is an inspiration to others and a reminder that with dedication and skills, you can achieve big things. Manjusha Anand is a true leader in the world of hotels and hospitality.



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