How to Make Oats Payasam

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Oats Payasam

Oats Payasam :- Food is an essential component of all celebrations. Consider creating a tasty and nourishing payasam that is high in fibre in honour of Onam. The option to substitute sugar with stevia or jaggery is available. To make this Oats Payasam, first roast the oats and then cook them in skim milk with a dash of cardamom powder. Try this Oats Payasam and enjoy the flavors if you are searching for a new Onam recipe this year.



1 1/2cupskimmed milk




1dashgreen cardamom

The recipe for Oat Payasam

First Step

In a small amount of ghee, roast cashew nuts until golden and set them aside.

Step Two

Add the multigrain oats to the same pan. They should be toasted and roasted until golden. Next, add the milk and stir.

Step Three

Simmer until it becomes syrupy. Next, add sugar (optional) and cardamom powder. Stir until the ingredients are dissolved.

Step Four

Add a small amount of ghee (optional) and mix. Pour the Oatmeal Payasam into a serving dish.

Step Number Five

Add cashew nuts as a garnish. Warm or hot, serve!

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