How to make Burnett’s Gin Gibson

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Burnett’s Gin Gibson

Burnett’s Gin Gibson:- If you are craving a cool drink to combat the heat, try this simple cocktail recipe using Burnett’s London Dry Gin. Raise a toast to Gin Day with this intriguing and simple cocktail that only requires a few ingredients. Do you enjoy drinking cocktails made with gin? After that, you can give this delicious cocktail recipe a personal touch. But if you want to heed our expert’s advice, you can attempt making this drink with just two easy ingredients. Stirred with gin and dry vermouth and optionally added crushed mint leaves, citrus fruits, or spices. Recipe courtesy of Aspri Spirits’ mixologist and sommelier, Sweta Mohanty.


80mldry gin

20mldry vermouth

Method for Preparing Burnett’s Gin Gibson

First Step

To start this simple cocktail recipe, put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

Step Two

In the meantime, fill a chilled cocktail glass with crushed ice and pour the beverage.

Step Three

Enjoy with a garnish that suits your taste!

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