Hospitality and Retail Sales Expected to Reach £386.9m During UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16

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As the UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16 kicks off on Saturday, 29th June, hospitality and retail sales in the UK are anticipated to soar to £386.9 million, according to a new report by VoucherCodes.co.uk.

A Nation of Football Fans

The Men’s UEFA Euro 2024 Spending Report forecasts that 21 million supporters across the UK will tune into the first knockout round, either from home, at a bar, local pub, restaurant, or by attending a game in Germany. Of these, a staggering 17.2 million (82%) will be watching from the comfort of their own homes. This shift in viewing habits means that retail spending is expected to outpace spending in hospitality venues.

Retail Sector Booms

Retailers are set to see a significant boost, with 10 million shoppers anticipated to generate £293.5 million in sales throughout the Round of 16. Following the trend from the group stage, spending on food and drink is expected to reach £176.5 million as fans prepare for the next phase of the competition.

Hospitality is still strong.

Despite the preference for home viewing, the hospitality sector is predicted to enjoy sales of £93.4 million as 9.1 million consumers head to their local pubs, bars, or restaurants. Breaking it down, UK hospitality venues are projected to earn £61.9 million from drinks sales and £39.8 million from food sales.

England’s big match on Sunday is set to drive substantial consumption, with Three Lions fans expected to down 7.3 million pints. Over half a million (600,000) supporters are anticipated to cheer the team on from fan zones across the country.

Expert Insights

Michael Brandy, Senior Commercial Director at VoucherCodes.co.uk, commented on the findings: “Expectations are high as England make it through to the first knockout stage of the tournament. As a result, hospitality venues are set to welcome 9.1 million people through their doors throughout the eight-game stage.

“There are plenty of ways hospitality venues can take advantage of the first knockout stage and entice customers to their pubs, bars, and restaurants. Giving customers value for money continues to be important, so offering discounts on food and drink during the matches will allow businesses to capitalise on the excitement of the tournament.”

Looking Ahead

As UEFA Euro 2024 progresses, both the retail and hospitality sectors are poised to benefit from the heightened excitement and national fervor. Businesses across the UK are encouraged to leverage this opportunity, providing value and creating memorable experiences for fans as they rally behind their teams.


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