Himanshu Tiwari: Bridging HR Excellence and Technical Expertise

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Biography: Himanshu Tiwaari – A Journey of Dedication, Versatility, and Excellence

Early Life and Education

Born on July 20, 1996, in the picturesque town of Narayanpur Post, Akodhiya, Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh, Himanshu Tiwari’s life has been a testament to relentless dedication and a remarkable journey of self-improvement. Raised in a modest middle-class family, Himanshu’s innate curiosity for computers and an insatiable thirst for knowledge were evident from a young age.

His educational journey took him through the U.P. Board in Allahabad for high school, followed by Intermediate and Graduation (B.A) from Faizabad University. However, it was his deep-rooted passion for technology that guided him to acquire a Diploma in Computer Application & Accounting (DCAA) and achieve certification as a Hardware Networking Engineer from Jetking.

Transition to Human Resources

The intersection of a profound management acumen and an innate understanding of human behavior beckoned Himanshu towards the realm of Human Resources. His transformation began at Hotel Piccadilly in Lucknow, where he assumed the role of IT Assistant, signifying the commencement of a pivotal career shift.

A Stint in the Hospitality Industry

The journey in HR continued to flourish as Himanshu transitioned to roles in renowned establishments like Hotel Cygnet Park Di-Arch Lucknow and The Grand Arc Hotel & Convention Centre Shahjahanpur. Here, he took charge of a spectrum of responsibilities, from overseeing staff uniforms to conducting performance evaluations, all while showcasing his remarkable versatility.

Sarovar Portico: A Milestone

The zenith of his career was reached when Himanshu assumed the role of Human Resource Manager at Shyama Sarovar Portico Orai (Pre-Opening). This marked not only a career high but also an opportunity to extend his expertise to multiple properties within the Sarovar Portico chain. His focus remained steadfast on meticulously maintaining employee records, ensuring compliance, and preparing corporate reports.

Awards and Accolades

Himanshu’s unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions were duly recognized. He received prestigious awards such as “Most Helping Department of the Year 2021” at The Grand Arc Hotel and “Manager of the Year (Back of the House) 2020” at Cygnett Park Di-Arch Lucknow.

Beyond Work

Outside the realm of work, Himanshu derives immense satisfaction from conducting training sessions, embarking on enriching journeys to uncharted destinations, and finding solace in the harmonious world of music.


Himanshu Tiwari’s journey from an ardent technology enthusiast to a versatile Human Resource Manager is a testament to his dedication, adaptability, and continual pursuit of personal growth. His narrative underscores the belief that unswerving commitment, coupled with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, paves the way for a successful and fulfilling career. As he continues to shine in both the HR and IT domains, Himanshu remains an embodiment of excellence in every endeavor he undertakes

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