Hariom Yadav Takes Over as Head of the IT Department at The Lodhi in Delhi

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Hariom Yadav Assumes Leadership of The Lodhi’s IT Department in Delhi


Hariom yadav takes over as head of the it department at the lodhi in delhiThe Lodhi in Delhi: Hariom Yadav was just hired by The Lodhi in New Delhi to be their IT executive. Hariom has a solid background in IT management and support, making him well-suited to supervise the hotel’s IT operations and guarantee that staff and visitors receive flawless technology services.

Hariom worked as an IT supervisor at Delhi’s Lodhi Property Company Limited prior to joining The Lodhi New Delhi. He developed his IT supervision and support abilities in this capacity, helping the business’s IT infrastructure run smoothly.

Hariom gained valuable experience in IT assistance and technical support while working as an IT assistant at Module Informatics Private Limited in Azadpur prior to taking on his supervisory role.

Hariom started his IT career as an IT associate at Net Com Computer Private Limited, where he gained solid experience in customer support and IT operations.

Hariom’s bachelor’s degree in arts from Delhi University has enhanced his analytical and problem-solving abilities and given him a broad understanding of a variety of subjects.

Hariom Yadav is well-positioned to use his wealth of experience and expertise in his new position as IT Executive at The Lodhi New Delhi to guarantee the seamless operation of the hotel’s IT systems and provide top-notch technical support to improve the experiences of both guests and staff.



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