Graces Resort Welcomes Manohar Yadav as Assistant Housekeeping Manager

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Manohar Yadav Joins Graces Resort as Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Recently, Graces Resort appointed Manohar Yadav as Assistant Housekeeping Manager. Manohar is well-positioned to improve Graces Resort’s guest experience and operational efficiency thanks to his wealth of experience in housekeeping management and strong foundation in the hospitality sector.

Manohar managed housekeeping operations and made sure that guests were satisfied while serving as the Assistant Housekeeping Manager at Shambhala Resorts, prior to joining Graces Resort. The resort’s stellar reputation was greatly enhanced by his leadership and meticulous attention to detail.

Manohar was employed at The Fern Hotels & Resorts in Bhopal as the Senior Supervisor of Housekeeping before joining Shambhala Resorts. He oversaw the housekeeping crew, planned daily activities, and kept the hotel tidy and organized in this role.

Previously, Manohar worked for Sarovar Hotels & Resorts as the Senior Supervisor Housekeeping. In this role, he was in charge of the housekeeping division and made sure that all of the public spaces and guest rooms were kept to the highest possible standards of cleanliness.

As a housekeeping supervisor at Golden Leaves Convention Center, he started his career in supervision and learned a lot about overseeing housekeeping employees and keeping a sizable convention center clean.

Manohar’s previous employment was at Sayaji Hotels Ltd. as a Senior Guest Service Associate, where he contributed to the hotel’s excellent guest relations and gave great customer service. He also worked at Bengaluru Urban’s Radisson Hotel Group as a Guest Service Associate, where he honed his skills in hospitality and guest service.

With a degree from the Don Bosco Institute of Management in Guwahati, Manohar has a strong foundation in management and hospitality education.

Manohar Yadav is poised to make a big impact as the assistant housekeeping manager at Graces Resort, thanks to his wealth of experience and dedication to quality. The team views him as a valuable asset due to his diverse background and demonstrated track record in housekeeping management.

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