French Journalist Sebastien Farcis Forced to Leave India After 13 Years

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French Journalist Sebastien Farcis Forced to Leave India After 13 Years

New Delhi, June 20, 2024 – French journalist Sebastien Farcis announced on Thursday that he has been compelled to leave India after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) refused to renew his journalist permit. Farcis, who has worked in India for 13 years as a correspondent for several major European media outlets, expressed his dismay over the decision in a statement on social media.

Farcis stated that the MHA denied the renewal of his permit on March 7 without providing any reasons, forcing him to leave the country on June 17. “After 13 years working as a correspondent in India, the authorities have denied me a permit to work as a journalist. I have thus been forced to leave the country,” Farcis wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.


Throughout his career in India, Farcis obtained all necessary visas and accreditations, adhering to regulations for foreign journalists. Despite his compliance, the MHA’s decision prevented him from covering the upcoming general elections, which he described as “incomprehensible censorship.”

Farcis also highlighted the personal impact of this decision. Married to an Indian woman and holding Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status, he and his family were abruptly uprooted from the country they considered home. “I am deeply attached to India, which has become my second homeland,” he stated.

This incident follows a similar case involving another French journalist, Vanessa Dougnac, who was forced to leave India under comparable conditions in the past four months. Farcis noted that five OCI foreign correspondents have been banned from working as journalists in India in less than two years, raising concerns about press freedom in the country.

The unexplained expulsion of Sebastien Farcis highlights ongoing issues regarding the treatment of foreign journalists in India, particularly as the nation approaches its significant general elections.

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