Forty Indians Among 49 Killed in Kuwait Building Fire: Key Points

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Forty Indians Among 49 Killed in Kuwait Building Fire: Key Points


  1. Tragic Incident: A devastating fire broke out in a six-story building housing workers in Kuwait’s Mangaf city at 6 am local time (9 am IST), resulting in the deaths of 49 people, including 40 Indians.
  2. Fire Origin: The blaze began in a kitchen, and the building housed nearly 160 workers from the same company. Some workers tragically jumped from the fifth floor to escape the fire.
  3. Casualties and Injuries: Over 40 individuals have been hospitalized due to the incident, with more than 30 Indian workers receiving medical care at Al-Adan hospital.
  4. Government Response: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condolences and ensured that the Indian Embassy in Kuwait is actively assisting those affected. A high-level meeting is underway to address the situation.
  5. Foreign Minister’s Statement: S. Jaishankar, India’s Foreign Minister, confirmed the ambassador’s presence at the site and the ongoing efforts to gather more information.
  6. Emergency Helpline: The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has set up an emergency helpline number (+965-65505246) for assistance and support.
  7. Ministerial Visit: Junior Foreign Minister Kirti Vardhan Singh will travel to Kuwait to oversee aid for the injured and coordinate the repatriation of the deceased.
  8. Official Investigation: Authorities have contained the fire and are investigating its cause. Sheikh Fahad al-Yousuf al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Deputy Prime Minister, has ordered the arrest of the building’s owner for negligence.
  9. Warnings Ignored: A senior police officer highlighted recurring issues with overcrowded worker accommodations, a factor contributing to such tragedies.
  10. Community Impact: Indians make up a significant portion of Kuwait’s population and workforce, heightening the tragedy’s impact on the expatriate community
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