Fardeen Khan called it “traumatic” that she was body-shamed prior to Heeramandi’s return

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Fardeen Khan called it “traumatic” that she was body-shamed prior to Heeramandi’s return.

Fardeen Khan’s comeback in Heeramandi after fourteen years is nothing less than a treat for his fans. The actor won many hearts with his performance as Wali Mohammad in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali show. Before his comeback and massive physical transformation, Fardeen Khan was body-shamed for his looks. Fardeen Khan finally spoke out about body shaming in an exclusive interview. The actor described it as “rude shock” and called it “traumatic.” “To be honest, I was completely disconnected,” he stated. I am not sure exactly when this occurred. However, I am aware that it happened after 2014–2015. Though I am not positive. After more than four or five years away, I do not think I was ever really involved in the industry. Hence, I was taken aback that I even garnered that kind of attention at all. It was a rude shock, to put it mildly. It is traumatizing that people can feel better about themselves by disparaging others.”

The actor went on, “I mean, there is a global trend where people believe it is okay because they can stay largely anonymous. And that is the only reason they feel empowered to speak their minds without considering the feelings of others.”

According to Fardeen Khan, singer Adnan Sami offered assistance during that time. “Yes, there were a few messages,” the actor said, according to his memory. In fact, I would like to bring up one individual in particular: Adnan Sami. He publicly wrote about it, spoke out in favor of me, and came to my defense. I shall always be appreciative of him for that. It was truly significant.”

Additionally, Fardeen Khan spoke candidly about his period of public exile. “After I lost my dad, I needed some personal time off,” the actor stated. I then went on to shoot a movie. But I needed time for myself. I needed time to work on that as well because Natasha (Madhwani) and I had difficulties having children. It was not planned, of course, to be gone for so long.”

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