Dharmendra Raja Appointed COO at Gilly’s: Strategic Leadership in Bengaluru

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Dharmendra Raja has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Gilly’s, solidifying his position as a key leader in Bengaluru’s hospitality scene. With a robust background in operations and a track record of strategic management, Dharmendra brings valuable expertise to his new role.

Career Progression: Prior to his appointment as COO, Dharmendra served as the General Manager of Sales and Operations at Gilly’s Chain of Restobars, where he played a pivotal role in expanding the brand from its inception 12 years ago to a flagship with 14 thriving outlets across Bengaluru. His strategic insights and operational acumen were instrumental in enhancing sales and ensuring operational efficiency throughout the organization.

Before joining Gilly’s, Dharmendra held significant roles at GAG Associates, where he excelled as the General Manager of Operations and Sales, contributing significantly to the company’s growth trajectory. His tenure at HM Leisure as General Manager, Bengaluru Operations and All India Merchandising showcased his ability to manage extensive operations and merchandising activities across multiple locations.

Educational Background: Dharmendra holds a degree in B.Com. (Hons.) from Magadh University and has pursued additional studies in physics, chemistry, math, and electronics at Christ University, Bengaluru. His academic foundation complements his practical experience in operations management and leadership.

Conclusion: In his new role as COO at Gilly’s, Dharmendra Raja is poised to drive operational excellence and strategic growth. His leadership and dedication to innovation make him a valuable asset to the team, ensuring Gilly’s continues to thrive in Bengaluru’s competitive hospitality market.

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