Cornitos Grilled Paneer Tacos with Salsa Dip

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Cornitos Grilled Paneer Tacos with Salsa Dip

Cornitos Grilled Paneer Tacos : This snack recipe combines soft taco shells with the subtle richness of paneer that has been perfectly marinated and grilled. An enticing fusion is created when the zesty freshness of salsa is combined with the smokey, creamy paneer. For lovers of both Indian and Mexican food, each bite promises a seductive dance of flavors and textures. Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure of mouthwatering contrasts and bright flavors in this straightforward but outstanding dish. (Image and recipe sourced from Cornitos.)


6taco shells


100mlsalsa sauce

50 grams of capsicum (green pepper)

150gmcheese sauce


50gmlettuce leaf

50gmcoriander leaves

50 ml virgin olive oil

salt as required

5 grams of white pepper powder

1/2teaspoontaco seasoning

How to prepare Grilled Paneer Tacos with Salsa Dip for Cornitos

First Step

For ten to fifteen minutes, marinate paneer in a mixture of olive oil, salt, and white pepper powder.

Step Two

After preheating the griller with some oil, finish grilling the paneer.

Step Three

In a pan over medium heat, add the taco seasoning, followed by the onions and capsicum. After a nice three to five minutes of sautéing, turn off the heat.

Step Four

Line the taco shells with lettuce and arrange them on the boat. Add the jalapeño, coriander leaves, and sautéed paneer mixture on top.

Step Five

Next, evenly distribute the salsa dip and cheese sauce over the surface and add taco seasoning. Accompany tacos with salsa dip.


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