Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore has been appointed as the Executive Chef at the Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre

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The Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre and the Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre have announced Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore as the new Executive Chef.

The executive chef at the Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre and JECC is Jitendra Singh Rathore.

Since he started his culinary adventure in 2003, Chef Rathore has committed himself to becoming an expert in the art of cooking. Having worked for well-known hotel chains, he has developed a profound awareness of local and international flavors and has refined his skills in a variety of Indian locations.

India’s rich culinary legacy is reflected in Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore’s dishes, which he infuses with his own creative flair. Chef Rathore’s dishes, which range from tender kebabs spiced to perfection to hearty, comforting curries full of flavour, are a testament to his skill and love for cooking.

Due to his unwavering dedication to quality, Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore has established himself as one of the best chefs in the business. Sophisticated palates in cities and regions all over the country have been delighted by his passion for crafting exceptional dining experiences.

Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre

Currently serving as the Executive Chef at the Novotel Jaipur Convention Centre and the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre, Chef Rathore is redefining Jaipur’s culinary scene with his wealth of experience and leadership. With a proven track record of success in big hotel brands, he promises an unparalleled dining experience for every guest, showcasing his signature dishes that embody the essence of Indian cuisine.

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