Chef Gaureesh Kumar Singh: Best Excursion into the Kitchen

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Chef Gaureesh Kumar Singh: A Culinary Journey

Early Life and Education

In Kachhauna Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, India, on July 1, 1987, Gaureesh Kumar Singh was born. He was raised in a close-knit family that placed a high emphasis on customs and culture, especially those related to food. Gaureesh was always drawn to the kitchen, where his mother’s cooking influenced him greatly. His fascination with the intricate blend of Indian spices and customary cooking methods led to a lifelong love of the culinary arts.

Gaureesh Kumar Singhenrolled at the Institute of Hotel Management & Applied Nutrition in Hajipur, Bihar, to follow his passion. A 2010 graduate of Indira Gandhi National Open University in New Delhi, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Hotel Administration. His schooling gave him a strong foundation in culinary arts and hospitality management, giving him the tools he needed to succeed in the field.

Professional Journey

The Piccadily, Lucknow (2008–2010)

Gaureesh Kumar Singh’s career started with an industrial traineeship at Lucknow’s The Piccadily. This early experience had a significant impact on his understanding of kitchen operations and the hospitality industry. He gained knowledge of the value of consistency, accuracy, and discipline from working under seasoned chefs.

Hyatt Regency, Chennai (December 2011–July 2013)

Gaureesh was a commis at the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, where he developed his culinary skills in a fast-paced setting. He was able to become proficient in a variety of cooking methods and cuisines thanks to this role. He became an expert in creating aesthetically pleasing and delectable meals, acquiring invaluable experience in an opulent hotel environment.

Pride Biznotel, Ranipet (June 2010–February 2011)

While working at Pride Biznotel, Gaureesh oversaw day-to-day kitchen operations and tried out new dishes. He was able to follow professional culinary standards while pursuing his creative side in this role. His creative approach got him noticed by the team.

Park Plaza, Ludhiana (April 2011–October 2011)

Gaureesh had to deal with the difficulties of working in a busy hotel kitchen in Ludhiana. It was in this situation that he discovered the value of time management, teamwork, and upholding standards under duress. His efficiency and keen eye for detail made him a valuable team member.

Trident Oberoi, Jaipur (October 2013–December 2014)

Gaureesh was a commis at the Trident Oberoi in Jaipur, where he prepared fine meals for the hotel’s prestigious patrons. This experience broadened his view of lavish hospitality and the expectations of discerning clients. His skills were refined through ongoing education and adaptation to the demands of a five-star hotel.

Radisson Blu, Jaipur (December 2014–August 2016)

Gaureesh assumed major responsibilities as a Chef de Partie at the Radisson Blu, Jaipur, overseeing the western kitchen and garde manger. He set high standards for the quality of the food and service, introduced new menus, and coordinated culinary events. His creative cuisine and guidance improved the diners’ dining experience.

Westin Pushkar Resort and Spa (September 2016–November 2019)

Gaureesh worked at the Westin Pushkar Resort and Spa as the Jr. Sous Chef. He planned cyclic menus, created banquet event menus, and established Westin standards as a member of the pre-opening team. The resort’s culinary reputation was established in large part thanks to his vision and leadership.

Fairfield by Marriott, Lucknow (November 2019–August 2020)

As Sous Chef at Fairfield by Marriott in Lucknow, Gaureesh oversaw the kitchen staff. He was responsible for cost optimization, infrastructure development, and strategic planning. He was essential in keeping the hotel’s competitive edge, guaranteeing guest satisfaction, and overseeing food and beverage operations.

Sky Glass Brewing Co., Lucknow (December 2020–May 2022)

In his role as Executive Chef at Sky Glass Brewing Co., Gaureesh oversaw management and operations, created the bar’s menu, and established the microbrewery. He was a unique leader because of his creative approach to food and beverage services and his ability to stay current with industry trends.

Radisson City Center, Jaipur (June 2022–Present)

At the Radisson City Center in Jaipur, Gaureesh is the Executive Sous Chef at the moment. He keeps an eye on the kitchen to guarantee top-notch food and top-notch customer service. His leadership in the culinary arts, inventiveness, and strategic planning constantly surpass visitors’ expectations.

Culinary Skills and Specializations

Western Cuisine

Gaureesh is very knowledgeable about Western food, especially Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Italian cuisine. He has a devoted following and has received recognition for his ability to produce dishes that are flavorful and authentic. He is a master chef when it comes to pasta, pizza, risotto, and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Asian Cuisine

He has a great command of Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes, demonstrating his extensive knowledge of Asian cuisine. Gaureesh creates dishes that are aesthetically pleasing and delicious by fusing traditional methods with contemporary presentations.

Special Techniques

Gaureesh is skilled in a number of cutting-edge culinary methods, such as sous vide, making sushi, butchering, and operating live grills and barbecues. His proficiency with sous vide cooking enables him to attain exact control over texture and temperature. His proficiency with sushi demonstrates his meticulousness and passion for the craft of Japanese cooking.


Apart from his culinary skills, Gaureesh is an expert in producing an extensive variety of sweets, such as cakes and pastries. His ability to create desserts that are visually pleasing as well as delicious is a result of his ability to balance flavors, textures, and presentation.

Achievements and Competencies

Chef Gaureesh has won numerous awards during his career, showcasing both his leadership and culinary prowess.

Awards and Recognition

Best Western Restaurant in Jaipur: Jal Mahal, Times Food Guide Awards 2014.
Best All-Day Dining Restaurant in India: Spice Haat, Times Food Guide Awards 2012 & 2013.

Competency Forte

Gaureesh’s professional abilities go beyond his ability to cook. His excellent customer service, operational management, and strategic planning skills have all been essential to his professional success.

Strategic Planning

Gaureesh is skilled at putting strategic plans into action that support corporate goals and guarantee profitability and long-term growth. His successful public relations and promotion strategies have improved the company’s image, and this has greatly aided the businesses he has worked with in their success.

Operations Management

He has a thorough understanding of operations management, which includes managing banquet and conference reservations, food and beverage services, and guest relations. Gaureesh is a master at running restaurants, creating and enforcing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), supervising in-house banqueting, outdoor catering, and ambience management.

Client Servicing

Gaureesh Kumar Singh’s outstanding customer service abilities guarantee that visitors receive top-notch assistance and services. He is skilled at planning policies and processes to increase client happiness and satisfaction. He has a reputation for providing exceptional client service because of his ability to anticipate and satisfy the needs of his guests.

Team Management

As a proficient team leader, Gaureesh Kumar Singhleads theoretical and practical training programs that improve his team members’ abilities and motivation. He has expertise organizing, leading, supervising, coordinating, and taking part in every activity to guarantee flawless operations and excellent standards. His work as an interviewer and the suggestions he made after speaking with HR managers demonstrate his thorough approach to team management.

Personal Philosophy and Culinary Vision

The foundation of Chef Gaureesh Kumar Singh’s culinary philosophy is his dedication to excellence and his passion for perfection. In his view, eating should not only satisfy one’s hunger but also enrich one’s life and please all the senses. His style of cooking places a strong emphasis on the value of using wholesome, fresh ingredients and plating food beautifully.

Innovative Cuisine

Gaureesh Kumar Singhis renowned for using cutting-edge ingredients, cooking methods, and presentation styles in his food. He is a firm believer in stretching the bounds of conventional cooking to produce distinctive and unforgettable dining experiences. He stands out in the culinary world for his ability to combine classic flavors with cutting-edge methods.

Customer-Centric Approach

Recognizing the value of client satisfaction, Gaureesh Kumar Singh makes a point of asking questions of his guests and making constant improvements to his menu. Because of his focus on the needs of the customer, every dish not only meets but surpasses the expectations of the diners.

Sustainable Practices

Gaureesh Kumar Singh, who is dedicated to sustainability, promotes the use of seasonally appropriate and locally sourced ingredients. He is an advocate for reducing food waste and encouraging eco-friendly cooking methods. His commitment to sustainability is a reflection of his larger commitment to social responsibility and moral cooking.

Personal Life and Interests

Apart from his work life, Gaureesh Kumar Singh likes to write poetry, try out new dishes, and listen to music. His passion for the culinary arts is evident outside of the kitchen, as he is always trying to come up with new and creative ways to cook. Traveling is another one of his hobbies, which enables him to experiment with various cuisines and infuse fresh ideas into his cooking.

Future Aspirations

In the future, Chef Gaureesh Kumar Singh hopes to carry on his legacy of culinary brilliance by venturing into uncharted culinary territory and imparting his wisdom to budding chefs. In his ideal world, he would have his own restaurant where he could fully express his culinary philosophy and provide customers with an unforgettable dining experience. In the future, he hopes to write a cookbook that gives readers a peek into his culinary adventures by fusing classic recipes with cutting-edge methods.


The rise to fame of chef Gaureesh Kumar Singh from a small Uttar Pradesh town is a credit to his talent, passion, and hard work. His wide range of experiences, creative thinking, and dedication to quality have established him as a unique personality in the food industry. Chef Gaureesh’s commitment to delivering outstanding dining experiences and motivating upcoming culinary generations does not waver as he continues to advance and push the boundaries of the culinary arts.



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