BookingJini Partners with Meghalayan Age Limited to Revolutionize Tourism in Meghalaya

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BookingJini, a hospitality-focused SaaS platform, has announced a strategic collaboration with Meghalayan Age Limited to elevate tourism in Meghalaya. Known for its successful partnerships with various tourism boards, BookingJini aims to leverage its technological solutions to simplify the reservation process and boost growth and efficiency in the state’s hospitality industry.

The recent launch of the ‘Meghalaya Trails’ App and the ‘Echoes of the Hills: Trekking Meghalaya’ coffee table book by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma underscores Meghalaya’s commitment to sustainable adventure and eco-tourism while preserving its Indigenous culture and biodiversity. As Meghalaya emerges as a tourist hotspot, the partnership between BookingJini and Meghalayan Age Limited is poised to set new standards of excellence, offering travelers unforgettable experiences amidst the state’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

Sibasish Mishra, Founder & CEO of BookingJini, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to partner with Meghalayan Age Limited, which is a significant step towards improving the booking procedure. We hope to simplify reservations for guests and lodgings using our technology. Our partnership will establish Meghalaya as a top travel destination and demonstrate the revolutionary potential of our solutions in the hotel industry.”

Both BookingJini and Meghalayan Age Limited share a vision of promoting tourism and boosting the local economy. Their collaboration aims to create substantial opportunities for local businesses, such as hotels and resorts, by increasing bookings, improving profits, and enhancing the overall experience for guests. This partnership is expected to significantly benefit the local economy and establish Meghalaya as a premier travel destination.

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