Amol Pol has been promoted to the position of Associate Director of Services at the Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi

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Amol Pol of the Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi has been promoted to Associate Director of Services.

Amol Pol, Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi’s Associate Director of Services

With great pleasure, the Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi announces the promotion of Amol Pol from Executive Housekeeper to Associate Director Services. This is a reflection of his unwavering dedication, excellent leadership, and deep understanding of hospitality excellence. With a remarkable tenure spanning over 14 years, Amol has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication and prowess, making him an invaluable asset to the brand.

Amol will lead the charge in improving the guest experience in his new role, making sure that the services are all delivered with the same unwavering dedication to quality. His vast experience and proven track record render him eminently qualified to lead the team in delivering unparalleled service and hospitality to the esteemed guests.

Amol has continuously demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service and delivery throughout his illustrious tenure. His operational skill and strategic insight have been crucial to the hotel’s success, solidifying his place as a key member of the group.

Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi

Amol’s extraordinary contributions are acknowledged by Pankaj Saxena, General Manager, who says, “Amol has been a pillar of strength for the hotel, providing unwavering support whenever needed.” His upbeat disposition and effortless handling of obstacles have been genuinely remarkable, rendering him an indispensable resource.” Pankaj Saxena congratulates Amol Pol from the bottom of his heart, recognizing his exceptional work ethic and constant dedication.

As he assumes the role of Associate Director Services, Amol remains steadfast in his commitment to lead with passion and dedication, further enhancing the stature of Radisson Blu Hotel Pune Kharadi as a beacon of hospitality. His promotion is evidence of his exceptional work and persistent pursuit of excellence.

Amol thanks the hotel for the opportunity and takes time to reflect on his career path, which began as an intern and led to positions in head housekeeping and service. He promises to give it his all and recognizes the importance of this position.

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