Amit Mukherjee: A Visionary Leader in the Hospitality Industry

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Amit Mukherjee, Early Life and Educational Foundations

The adventure of Amit Mukherjee started on January 25, 1970, in the busy Indian city of Ranchi. Amit’s early years were marked by his curiosity and drive for success. He was raised in a loving home that valued education and hard work. In Yogoda Satsang Vidyalaya, where he finished his matriculation in 1984, he initially cultivated his methodical approach to education and employment.

With an eye for business and a penchant for hospitality, Amit pursued his Intermediate in Commerce at Ranchi University, graduating in 1987. His passion for the hospitality industry soon led him to the Institute of Science & Management (ISM) in Ranchi, where he embarked on a three-year diploma course in Hotel Management & Catering Technology. Graduating in 1991, Amit was now equipped with the skills and knowledge to launch his career in the dynamic world of hospitality.

Launching a Career in Hospitality

Amit’s career began with a prestigious position at ITC Maurya Sheraton Hotel And Towers in New Delhi. From November 1991 to August 2000, he honed his skills in various roles, starting as a Commis De Rang in Food & Beverage Service. Here, Amit navigated the intricacies of restaurant operations before transitioning to banquet services, where he demonstrated his knack for managing large-scale events and catering operations. This period was crucial in shaping Amit’s understanding of guest service excellence and operational management.

Stepping into Leadership

In 2000, Amit took a significant step in his career by joining the Intercontinental Parkroyal (Eros) in New Delhi. As a Senior Captain in Banquet Operations and Sales until November 2004, Amit expanded his expertise in event management and customer relationship building. His ability to orchestrate seamless events and maintain high guest satisfaction was a testament to his growing leadership skills.

Amit’s next career milestone was his role at Fortune Select Global in Gurgaon, part of ITC’s Hotel Group. From November 2004 to March 2016, he climbed the ranks from Assistant Manager to Food and Beverage Manager. Here, he oversaw the operations of multiple dining outlets, managed banquet sales, and led a diverse team. Amit’s strategic vision and hands-on leadership contributed to the hotel’s reputation for exceptional service and operational efficiency.

Rising to Prominence

In March 2016, Amit embraced a new challenge with Pugdundee Safaris, a renowned group of high-end wildlife resorts. Starting as the Resort/Lodge Manager at Pench Tree Lodge in Madhya Pradesh, he managed a unique property comprising tree houses and luxury cottages. His responsibilities included daily operations, staff training, and guest relations, all while fostering relationships with local communities. Amit’s leadership not only enhanced the guest experience but also positively impacted the local economy through community engagement initiatives.

Amit’s stellar performance led to his promotion to General Manager at Kings Lodge in Bandhavgarh in June 2017. Under his leadership, the lodge achieved the number one ranking on TripAdvisor and received prestigious awards in 2021 and 2022. Amit’s innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to quality transformed Kings Lodge into a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Leading with Vision at Pushkara Sarovar Portico

Since August 2022, Amit has been the General Manager of Pushkara Sarovar Portico in Dibrugarh, Assam. This 57-room property, nestled in the heart of Tea City, benefits from Amit’s extensive experience and visionary leadership. He oversees all aspects of the hotel’s operations, from sales and marketing to food and beverage management and guest relations. Amit’s role also involves strategic coordination with the owning body and corporate office, ensuring that the hotel maintains its high standards and achieves its financial targets.

Professional Philosophy and Skills

Amit Mukherjee’s career is characterized by his belief in continuous learning and improvement. He embodies the philosophy that every day brings new opportunities to learn and grow. This mindset has driven his success across various roles and challenges in the hospitality industry. Amit is known for his expertise in business development, customer relationship management, and team leadership. His problem-solving skills and action-oriented approach have consistently led to operational excellence and high guest satisfaction.

Personal Life and Interests

Fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali, Amit is not only a dedicated professional but also a family man. Married and supported by his family, he finds balance and inspiration in their unwavering support. Amit’s interests extend beyond his professional life, as he actively engages with the broader community through social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These platforms allow him to share his insights, connect with industry peers, and stay abreast of the latest trends in hospitality.

Amit Mukherjee’s story is one of dedication, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From his early days in Ranchi to his current role as a General Manager, Amit has continually demonstrated his ability to lead, inspire, and transform. His career reflects the qualities of a true leader in the hospitality industry, one who is always learning, always growing, and always striving to provide the best possible experiences for guests and teams alike.



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