A new property in Morbi, Gujarat, is signed by Lemon Tree Hotels

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A new property in Morbi, Gujarat, is signed by Lemon Tree Hotels.

Lemon Tree Hotel, Morbi is the newest addition to Lemon Tree Hotels, it was announced. The Lemon Tree Hotels Limited-managed establishment is scheduled to open in fiscal year 2029.

Located in Gujarat, India, on the Kathiawar peninsula, Morbi has a rich cultural legacy and historical background. It was formerly the capital of Morvi State and, because of its booming pottery industry, is now known as the “ceramics capital of India.” In addition to its commercial importance, Morbi provides a window into its history with sites like the Hanging Bridge and the Morbi Palace, the latter of which tragically collapsed in 2022. Despite this setback, Morbi has managed to bounce back, attracting tourists with its vibrant markets, serene Machhu River, and striking Trimandir, a complex of temples embodying Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Jainism.

The 75 luxurious rooms of the Lemon Tree Hotel in Morbi will include a restaurant, a banquet hall, a meeting space, a spa, and a swimming pool. The Morbi Railway Station is approximately 12 km away from the property, and the Rajkot International Airport is approximately 65 km away. Additionally, the hotel has excellent road access for both private and public transportation.

Vilas Pawar, CEO of Lemon Tree Hotels’ Managed & Franchise Business, gave a speech at the event and said, “We are happy to announce the expansion of our portfolio in Gujarat with our valued partner Shivdarsh Hospitality Private Limited.” We are entering Tier II, III, and IV cities in an effort to diversify our portfolio of properties across the nation. We aim to increase our presence in Gujarat by adding this new location to our eight planned and six current hotels and resorts in the state.”

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